Brookside Community Cemetery
Wardour Street - Bedford, NS

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions – Brookside Cemetery Corporation

How do I make a financial contribution to Brookside Cemetery after I pass on? A financial contribution after one passes on can be done by way of Bequest's - to make a bequest to Brookside all a person has to do is add a "bequest" in their WILL and specify an amount and/or a percentage of the value of their estate. The choice is up to the donor.

How do I make a financial contribution to Brookside Cemetery? Donations can be made on a regular monthly basis, on an annual basis or as a one-time contribution. If it would make it easier for the donor when considering monthly donations, post dated cheques are accepted. Direct all donation or inquiries to the Treasure of Brookside Cemetery, Ted Sceles, 75 Eaglewood Drive, Bedford, N.S., B4A 3B3.

Will I receive a receipt from Brookside Cemetery for income tax purposes? Yes, Brookside Cemetery is a "Registered non-profit organization" and will issue tax deductable receipts for all monitory donations.

Who can purchase a lot or Columbarium Niche in Brookside Cemetery? A Bedford resident or family member of a Bedford resident may purchase a lot or Columbarium Niche in Brookside Cemetery

Who can be buried in Brookside Cemetery? Brookside Cemetery is a final resting place for Bedford residents who now live and/or have lived in Bedford.

Who operates the cemetery? The cemetery was incorporated under a private statute of the Nova Scotia legislature in 1927. The history of the cemetery is set out in detail in the History section of the website. The Corporation is a not for profit organization which is administered by a ten member Board of unpaid, volunteer trustees.

What are the cemetery’s hours of operation? The Cemetery is open for pedestrian visitors during daylight hours 12 months a year. Vehicular traffic shall be permitted between 8am and 6pm (or sunset whichever occurs first) from April 15th to December 14th.

What types of lots are available? Full Burial, Cremation and Columbarium Niche,

What is the cost of a Deed transfer? $50.00

What is the cost to open & close a full burial lot? $1100.00 *$300 sujrcharge for Sunday/Holidays

What is the cost to open & close a cremation lot? $450.00 *$100 sujrcharge for Sunday/Holidays

What is the cost of a cremation lot? $800.00

What is the cost of a full burial lot? $1,350.00 - Sections 1-6; $2,800 - Section 7

What is the cost of a columbarium niche? $2,000.00

What is the cost to open & close columbarium niche? $150.00

Is there a time payment plan? NO

What size is a cremation lot? 36” x 36”

When can we view cemetery lots? By appointment, please contact the Sales Committee

How many urns can be place in a cremation lot? Two

How many urns can be placed in a columbarium niche? Two

What can be buried in a full burial lot? 1 full burial and 2 cremations per single lot OR 3 cremations per single lot.

What size is a full burial lot? 40” x 120”

What size markers are permitted in different lots? Unless otherwise specified in the Interment Rights Certificate, the following maximum size of Markers shall apply:

• Double Lot marker shall not exceed 20 inches in height x 48 inches in width

• Single Lot marker shall not exceed 20 inches in height x 36 inches in width

• Cremation Lot marker shall not exceed 18 inches x 30 inches

• Markers used as foot stones shall not exceed 24 inches x 11 inches

Can I resell my lot or transfer ownership? Interment Rights Holders who wish to sell any unused Lot must offer same to the Corporation which shall purchase such unused Lot for the same price paid for same by the Interment Rights Holder, less associated expenses and any portion of the purchase price contributed to the Perpetual Care Fund. Under no circumstances may an Interment Rights Holder subdivide or resell any or all of a Lot except as herein provided.

When can an interment take place? Burials will be carried out between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays). Additional costs will occur if weekend burials or burials on statutory holidays are required.

What can be placed on burial / cremation lots? Flowers and in-ground flower vases. Please note, between April and November flowers will be removed & disposed of by landscaping staff under contract by Brookside Cemetery Corporation. This will be done to facilitate the lawn mowing process with the following exception: Flowers may be placed on grave sites for a period not to exceed 10 days during special occasions {Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day & Remembrance Day and Funerals}.

Can flowers be placed on the Columbarium? No floral tokens or other objects shall be fastened to the Columbarium. Floral tributes can be placed on the base of the Columbarium unit only.