Brookside Community Cemetery
18 Wardour Street - Bedford, NS

A Bedford community cemetery for people of all faiths

Information Sheet for 2017

- Founded in 1881 and governed by a Board of volunteer Trustees
- Registered as a non-profit Canadian charity
- Offers a range of burial options
- Call Ann MacVicar, Chair, at 902-835-5368
or Jim Youden, Sales, at 902- 835-8857

Lot Options and Costs:
Type of Plot Cost Accommodates Burial Cost

-Full burial plot 1,350 to 2,800 One casket and two urns 1,100*/450 ea**
-Or three urns only 450 ea**
-Cremation lot 800 Two urns 450 ea**
-Columbarium niche 2,000 Two urns 150 ea, (11 ¾ x 11 ¾ x 14)

* There is a $300 surcharge for Sundays and holidays
** There is a $100 surcharge for Sundays and holidays

Documents Required for Burial:

The law requires that a Cremation Certificate or a Burial Permit be provided to a representative of Bedford Community Cemetery at the time of committal. Payment for burial is received at the same time.